Leotech Group is a Bangalore (India) based company with diversified interests in the Electrical, Telecom and real estate. It is a 30 year old company with over 120 man years of experience amongst the core management team. Leotech is the flagship company of Leotech Group, which was established in the year 1975. Leotech specializes in the electrical sector of the group mainly dealing with the manufacturing of Industrial Plastic Moulded works, both Compressions moulded and Injection moulded components.



Non Metallic Enclosures

Standard Type SMC Cabinets with Metal Base Plate, Flush Type Junction Cabinets with Metal Base Plate, Cabinets with Transparent Window and Metal Base Plate...

Electrical Switch Gear

OEM Moulded Switch gear Products for various switch gear Industries in all their LV Applications

Terminal Boards for Motors / Alternators

Moulded Parts and Assemblies as per Customer requirement Typical Industries, Household, Road Safety, Electrical Relays,...

Products for Locomotives/ Railways

Moulded Railway Relay Parts for various signal relay manufacturous, Insulators, Cable Cleats, Enclosures, etc....

Products for Electrical Utilities

Distribution Boxes, Aerial Branched Cable Junction Boxes, Rural Electrification Kits, Feeder Pillar Moulded Boxes...

DMC / SMC Compound

Leotech grades of SMC/DMC

Busbar Insulators

Stand off Insulators, Finger Type Supports, Fixed Type Supports, Panel Industry

Terminal Boards

Suitable for DTC Metering Box .Applications for Distribution...