Welcome to LEOTECH


Leotech Group is a Bangalore (India) based company with diversified interests in the Electrical, Telecom and real estate. It is a 30 year old company with over 120 man years of experience amongst the core management team. Leotech is the flagship company of Leotech Group, which was established in the year 1975. Leotech specializes in the electrical sector of the group mainly dealing with the manufacturing of Industrial Plastic Moulded works, both Compressions moulded and Injection moulded components.

The company started by making compression moulding tools with a small infrastructure and the unit was catering insulator to electrical based industries.

Busbar Insulators

The Bus Bar System Insulators has been designed for a variety needs in Electrical Panels, Switch Board, Electrical distribution Panels and Bus Bar trunkings.

The manufacturing process at LEOTECH adheres to the well defined ISO 9001 – 2000 certified company.


The Tool Room takes care of all the Tooling Requirements.


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